cmxPodcast – Episode 3: The Celebrity and Church Review

cmxPodcast Episode 3 The Celebrity and Church Review



This is episode 3 of the cmxPodcast. Thank you so much for your support. It is steady growing in supporters and views.  This week I cover stories from Kevin Spacey to Kathy Griffin.  It’s a gay ole’ podcast that ends with a stern rebuking of the “prophets”.  BTW, prophets stopped existing after the old testament.

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00:00 – Intro

00:24 – Kevin Spacey Molestation Accusations

4:30 – Chrisette Michelle’s Woes

13:15 – Kim Kardashian’s Aaliyah’s Halloween Snafu

17:34 – Wendy Williams’ Faint Scare on Live Television

21:00 – Congolese Socialite Paul Arnaud’s Alleged Anal Cancer Death & Hetero Homomania

28:30 – Kathy Griffin vs the Gay Ole Boys

33:15 – Tyrese Public Emotional Breakdown over Custody Battle and The Rock

39:28 – Female Rap is Back with A VENGEANCE! GET READY!!!

42:21 – The Gathering of the Prophets Travesty Last Weekend with Sir WIlliam McCray

50:58 – Closing Statements – THANK YOU SO MUCH, I AM SO GRATEFUL!!


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