cmortalxPodcast – Episode 8: The Snowy Apocalypse Podcast

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This week wasn’t as eventful as previous weeks. I am happy I survived it though.  A lot of personal mess I had to deal with, but everything is going to be fine.  Outside of the snow, not much have happened in Atlanta regarding the news.  For any updates, please like the Facebook page,

This podcast is going to be short, but I go in depth on the following topics.

TV One cancels NewsOne Now with Roland Martin.

Kids beat up special needs child for likes on the internet.

Levar Burton receives hate mail for Levar Ball.

Patti Labelle “outs” Luther Vandross (Disclaimer: I said that Luther Vandross started Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells, but he started their fan club when they were performing at the Apollo.)

Daniel Shaver killed by officer who was not indicted.

Officer who shot Walter Scott sentenced to 20 years.

Confirmation on America’s responsibility about the Libyan Slave Trade.

Netflix’s Punisher Review




Please let me know if I missed anything, if you disagree with anything, or if you have another point of view.


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