cmortalxPodcast – Episode 11: The Social Media War Podcast

This is the New Years and I have to say that 2017 ended on a weird and quirky note. It’s interesting to see exactly what happened between certain members of the conscious community in regards to Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed. It seems that there seems to be much trouble regarding those two.

RIP to Amanda Davis and Erica Garner.

As well, there have been some nonsense on social media that I just had to give my take on.  You will be quite surprised with what I have to say about the matter regarding the cabbage and rice dude being ex-gay,the social media pimp, and the ex-prostitute giving her testimony and telling the raw truth.

Finally, I give my take on gentrification in my neighborhood.  They are so damn bold.  At least they use to give people checks if they wanted them to move.

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