Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 10 So Far

I am happy Nova checked on Aunt Vi last episode. Sometimes we all just need an, “Are you OK?” 

Aunt Vi is doing better this episode and got a promotion from a job she QUIT!! GO AUNT VI!!!

Darla is coming back into Blu’s life and I do not approve.  And Aunt Vi agrees.  Darla has every right to be in her child’s life, but this is bootleg.  Ralph Angel needs to legalize this process. This would allow Darla the ability to sign Blu’s permission slip. And how dare she get mad for Aunt Vi having legal custody.  

The same goes for you RA. Had you had done what you needed to do and proven yourself, you would not have the teacher confront you about this misstep.

And the LatinX teacher tries so hard for Blu and RA, but RA is still blind. That woman has done more for Blu and RA than anyone else, especially Darla.

Nova is getting damn sick of Xena controlling ass.  But you can Xena wants Nova to stay humble and connected, but Nova is really problematic.  She seems to only connect to things that pull at HER heart.  But Xena really wants to get Nova to explode and gain exposure for Black Lives Matter and other black issues in their area. I think that they work, but you can tell Nova is REAAAALLLY use to running her own show.  They are perfect in my opinion.

Micah can’t escape the sins of his father.  And Micah, this is happening because you are black.  A sextie that didn’t belong to you would not have gotten a white boy whose daddy committed the same sins as yours in trouble.  If you gonna get a wake-up call, Louisiana is that place.

We find out the mills are owned by the racist Landry and Charley is trying to get a mill to process their cane.  So she is basically asking a man, who wants her land, to process their cane.


 Then it comes out that the Bordelon farm is surrounded by Landry’s property and she is offered the chance to sell the land.

We now have it that Aunt Vi signed the custody papers all along.  After RA filibusters about how unfair it is for him to have to come to Aunt Vi regarding legal matters with his son, she buckled down.  But I wouldn’t have given a damn.  Then he brings up Davis and how Aunt Vi said she was an OK dad.

The thing is, Davis, a monster or not, was there for his child. *Cringe*

But I am happy RA is getting his child back.

Xena confronts Nova on dating a Police Officer and breaks up with her.  But that seems more of a cop out. *Pun*

We find out that the Landry family owned the Bordelons. Not the farm, they owned the actual ancestors. The granpapi Charles Bordelon moved after emancipation to Chicago and sent money home.  When the Landry’s fell on hard times during the great depression, the Bordelons bought some of their land.  Then the Landry’s, knowing the bank wouldn’t keep the paperwork, said that they never sold their land.

Then the Landry’s lynched the men of the Bordelon family there, but they kept the land nonetheless. Aunt Vi feels like the Landry’s conspired to kill Father Bordelon to get the land.  This solidifies the morale of the Bordelon children to fight for the land.

What a powerful episode!!!!
What do you think?!