Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 5 By Any Chance Recap/Review

It starts of with Nova doing a protection ceremony.  Hell I don’t even do all that.

While she is doing that, the police bf confronts nova about the release the article that leads to the investigation of the police department.  Nova then confronts him about their money scheme.

The p.o. tries to give this elegant speech on cops just wanna make it home, and Nova is like so do we black people.

Micah is back in Cali with Davis and has to prepare for interviews with new schools, hopefully in St. Josephine.  Charley convinces Micah to see a shrink.  Like I’ve been saying, Micah should be getting a Shrink.  Talk to someone dude.

So Aunt Vi runs late to work and the manager is giving her hell.  But in shops like that, you don’t need scripts in such a small town.  That doesn’t make good business sense.

Charley visits the rape victim’s house.  The victim is like she doesn’t want to settle because of the violation that occurred.  Melina reads Charley her rights and lets her know that she can’t be dismissed.  No matter who or what, rape is rape, and wrong is wrong.  This version of Charley is wayyy to dismissive of other women’s experience and I don’t think it represents the character very well.

After meeting with Melina, Charley calls her lawyer and gets scolded for about how stupid it was to talk to Melina.  The lawyer let’s her know that there was a rape kit but no one knows about it.  This is going to be a criminal case.

Side note: Can we talk about the whiteness that many non-white attribute to themselves when combating blacks about anything?

The thing about people of colour is that not all people of colour have to be coloured when the right time comes.  For example, there are non-melanated marginalized race groups who use their non-blackness as an advantage to advance in the world.  At the same time they utilize this gifted whiteness to come down on blacks as if we are stepping stools.

However, the lawyer promises that she can keep Davis out of jail, but that’s about it.

Charley then gets call from Ralph Angel.  Charley confronts him about the bad stalk.  Charley tells him about their doubts.  Then RA HANGS UP LOL.

RA confronts the htdude with the deep southern accent.  So the cousin wasn’t even his real cousin.  So RA, doesn’t this tell you that they are not your friends?  This reminds me of some people I know and someone I use to be.

Aunt Vi meets her other sadity friends at the restaurant and they think she owns the place.  Then the punk ass manager  tries to confront her to get her back to work and she punks his ass.

She then calls sexci Hollywood.

So Hollywood lied and  went to Baton Rouge to take care of ex wife.


But Hollywood trifling

Nova meets up with Charley at Aunt Vi’s house.  And they joke about the auction.  Charley says she is trying to do the right thing by paying off a rape victim…ok.  Aunt Vi comes in all defeated and the “ladies” have a smoke/drink out.

Yes, I want some of Hollywood too.

Remy comes to the farm and meets with Charley, who is surprised at the prices to farm while talking with Remy crazy looking ass.  Mr. Prosper (Denton) schools Charley on farming and tells her to only farm 200 acres of the land.

RA gets his check and they cut 8 hours, which is an entire day, out of his check.  I think this is the German from the book.  But I wish they would cut my check by eight hours.  See this is when you go awf, call lawyers, threaten to sue, etc etc etc.

RA meets up with the lightskin deep accent dude.  But…Please…

Stop talking to that DUDE!!! PLEASE!!!!  HE IS BAD BUSINESS!!!

Thank God that RA didn’t go with that funny business ole dude was talking about regarding stealing.

At the restaurant, Aunt Vi is still combating College Senior restaurant manager.  Aunt Vi knows that the people makes the business.  Aunt Vi quits because he deserved a slap in my opinion.

So the foine drug dealer with the cheek piercings lets Nova know that the drugs she sold him he gave to TOO SWEET.  It finally hits her that shey may be a hypocrite.

Nova confronts the P.O. boyfriend and how she will start a series about black men and women getting hurt by the system.

*Maybe it is a different culture, but nicknames were usually given by street niggas.  Nicknames were considered bad by the people I was around.  I particular do not like nicknames no matter how I got it.*

P.O. calls Nova out on her bullshit.  How you gonna save a community and destroy it at the same time?

We get to the auction and confronted by that racist sexist pig Landry. He brings up the rape case and spouts all this misogynistic and racist bullshit to get under Charley’s skin.  It worked.

Everyone in the family is there except RA, who is working that Jackass ass job.

At RA’s job, RA clocks out and when goes into his locker there is a bunch of iPhone cases and he takes advantage and walks off.

At the auction, Charley keeps voting despite Prosper’s constant help to prevent her from voting for over priced equipment.  But because her pride she is letting Landry and those other racists get the best of her.

Even with all this, I don’t think they were fully giving this scene the respect it needs in respect to the book.

RA comes in the auction finally and gasses Charley up.  Remy leaves along with Aunt Vi

Back in Baton Rouge, Hollywood and Maxine are alone and why is that?  Maxine clearly has mental illness and needs a professional, but I guess it is nice that Hollywood helped her out.

At the auction, Remy comes back and daddy’s tractor is up and Charley still ain’t listening.  She gets the tractor for 250, 000 dollars.  Prosper walked out like she should’ve and I would’ve

Prosper reads Charley her rights, straight from the book itself.  Charley feels defeated and Remy lets her know that he got another bidder to bid on their behalf even though it wasn’t explained very well.

The good thing is that they have all the equipment they needed.


Back in Cali, Micah and his dad are still distant because of the case.  And I am with Micah.  After all the bullshit they went through, why not just LEAVE!!!!

In Baton Rouge, Hollywood is still trying to move on from Maxine/Leanne.  But her bipolar behind is not having it.

Sometimes, when it comes to situations like that.  It is best to just leave that person and let God handle it.

Let go and let God.

Finally Charley puts some reigns on the situation and gets Micah to move to St. Josephine to go to school.  THANK GOODNESS.

Melina calls Charley and she requests 3 million dollars.  Then they want a face to face sit down with Davis.

They agree and this feels dirty.


Charley’s character seems really skewed, but idk.


What do you think?

How do you like the show so far?


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