Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 6 As Promised Review/Recap

So we have Nova there with a local radio station about his article exposing the prison industrial complex at the NOLA.

They bring up DAVIS and the rape case?!

And while Nova and her friend keep trying to talk about the serious and the disc jockeys keep turning it back against them with their jack assery.

Then they start to blame the victim with their jokes and NOVA lets them have it, but it seems to come off as if she supports the victim and Charley is offended.

Aunt Vi invites Charley to church.  She confesses that she is paying the girl off.  Then she is still looking for a farm manager.

But Aunt Vi hooks her back up with prosper and sets a plan to get him back.

And ole girl that is at the station with Nova is flirting with Nova and right back at her and thank you please.  Then the lady gives the necklace off her body to Nova.

Dump the chump and go with her.  Single and about her business.

Aunt Vi asks RA to come to church and RA gets back to work and I bet he is still selling stolen phones lol.

Old heavy accent light skin dude comes and tries to get him to continue stealing and selling.  He COMMANDS him to stash on his farm.

Remy lets Charley know that he has a seed cane variety that he created from his university grant.


No other farmer will take it because its never been field tested, but its free and I would have said Yes too.

Too Sweet calls Nova and he wants to know when he can get out, but Nova doesn’t have the money.

Too Sweet explains that the guards watched him get beat up.

And my thing is that with a name like Too Sweet, he is asking for problems.

If he got beat up because he is gay, why wasn’t he put in alternative?

But more than likely he got beat up because he is affiliated with a person who is stirring the pot.

Charley and Nova gets into about Nova calling the rape victim a victim??!! HUH?!!

Well that is one expensive piece of ass! – Aunt Vi

During the argument Prosper comes in. Before anyone could offer him the manager job and apologize to him, he lets them know his conditions and they all agree.

But Denton says they can’t just sell the farm afterwards and have to put their heart, blood, sweat, and tears into it.

Denton gets them working and RA has the stolen stuff locked up in the shed, which is dumb.

Remy and Charley talk and he is surprised by her work ethic.

Nova and RA talks about Charley and her disapproval about how Nova handled the radio station, but RA really gives a sensible point of view.

So Davis and Micah comes back.  Micah gets a warm welcome but Davis on the other hand lol.

Micah and Remy seems like they are going to be cool if Charley and Remy date.

Davis and Charley meet up and you can tell it’s over because Charley doesn’t even want Davis to touch her.

Nova talks with Davis and Charley tries to pull that I am a black man being caught up by the system game and NOVA shuts that all the way down with a quickness.  Nova says that there is a difference between the privileged person, who is Davis, and a underprivileged person, who is Too Sweet.

Class Matters

Nova then steals money from the farm account to bail out Too Sweet.

RA finally stands up to light skin deep accent and gets jumped after deep accent attempted to bully him into doing something he doesn’t want to do.  After getting his as kicked, he tries to convince the boss to lay him off.  He decides to fire him.  But RA pulls rank and says he will snitch about his cut checks.

At home, RA gets a visit from the cops who have a warrant to search the farm to look for stolen merchandise.  They go the shed.  Because a locked shed is not suspicious at all.

RA opens the shed and they find nothing because RA is smarter than we all think.  But he looks surprise to find the missing merchandise, which Aunt Vi held up somewhere else.  She outta kick his ass.

She put the phones at the bottom of the Bayou and RA apologizes and hugs Aunt Vi.

At the signing we find out that Melina didn’t meet with the other players to anyone’s knowledge and that Davis has to apologize.

Davis said that he didn’t rape the girl and Charley believes him.

Then we find out that they’ve known each other for three years.  The night in question, Davis left her with Freddie and Felix and when their whores didn’t show up they said Davis said they could fuck her and he paid her.  Then they raped her.  Afterwards the other team members raped her.

After she came forward, he called her and left a voicemail.

Davis did say that the other guys could fuck her and that he paid her.

Then Charley finally apologizes and walks out.

She says that Davis is a monster and he turned her into a monster too.

She breaks down in the elevator.


It would have been a done deal.  I am taking all the shit and you are on your own.  YOU pay Melina with whatever you have left.  Whether that girls story add up or not, he created a situation where I can’t trust ANYTHING he is saying.

She said she was raped and at that point I would’ve believed her like Charley.  But the man kept lying and you kept being with him.   After the first time, it should’ve been a wrap.  Whether you touched her or NOT.  You set that girl up for the okey doke and disrespected her and then me.  Fuck you!!!