Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7 In No Uncertain Terms Review/Recap

So we have Charley in a damn fetal position on Aunt VI’s porch and Vi brings out some food for her.

I want to feel sorry for Charley, but I can’t.  The way she treated Melina and ignored all those signs about Davis.  The nigga kept lying.

So Vi is trying to break through to her and get her to let Micah see his daddy.  But Charley is not budging.

Vi is going to get a pedi for Hollywood’s return,  oh but little does she know lol.

Charley and Micah talk under the willow tree and Micah figures that since Davis didn’t come back that he raped Melina, but she explains that no, they just broke up.

Charley explains that Davis been fucking with hoes for years.

Micah then says he doesn’t want to see him…cool with me..

But I am with Micah, how do they move on.

So Micah realizes that he is stuck in Louisiana for 6 months and I know the feeling.

So we have RA and Blue eating a nigga’s dinner and the probation officer Jarvis comes there and does it seem like him and RA are closer than they should be.  Antyway!!!

So he wants to confront him on letting Blue stay with him even though Blue is under Vi’s custody.

Jarvis hands him the paper work to get custody and they discuss the job.

So apparently there was a bust with the guys stealing shit from the warehouse and they all were facing 5 years.

RA played that really cool and says nuttin and can’t the farming job be a job?!!!

Most officers are OK with part time.  I don’t get those specifications.  But it’s a different state so…

BTW Nova took my advice and got with ole girl from the radio station.

So now we have the transport for pesticide I think, but the card is declining right in front of the farm.

NOVA you are in trouble.

So Charley comes to confront Nova about the 10000 dollars and Two Sweet

Yes, Nova that money belonged to the family and that is stealing.

So we have Micah and Blue playing together and Hollywood comes up.

So Vi comes meet the man with a beer and they go “unpack” tehe.

Charley meets up with RA.


Apparently they need a mill to grind the sugar cane and Charley is really condescending and tells RA she will handle it.

Then he asks if he can get legal papers to farm full time and become an official employee.

Then she just storms out mad as hell.

Then the waitress continues to flirt with Charley.


SO Vi comes into the restaurant and you can tell that she has a relationship with the customers.

Then RA speaks with Vi about signing Blue over to him and Vi is like HELL NO and they bring the discussion outside.

They discuss the stolen phone incident and that RA has not proven himself to her yet to be a capable parent.

So they found Blue with the baby-mom laying next to her while she was turning tricks dehydrated and starved and how RA is a threat to Blue’s safety.

Hollywood is still getting harassed by Maxine and Micah overhears.

Then Charley says she will divorce Davis and get the money!!!!

[NOTE:  RA was basically stepping down when he asked to be an employee. You can be self-employed and be right with the probation.


So Nova comes in and greets Hollywood

Nova tries to have a sit down with Micah and invites him to a street art gallery and Aunt Vi lets him.

So Nova’s “friend” is giving Micah a tour.

Micah discusses why he never got harassed by police.

A. He is rich (Classism)

B. Who his dad is (Celebrity)

C. He is lightskin (Colorism) – my words

So we come back with Charley storming in and raging about her responsibilities to Vi.

Charley then comes down on RA for getting laid off, but Vi explains the situation about the bust.

Everything is not as it seems, and everyone is not out to get you – Vi

But Aunt Vi gets it, but…

If his own family won’t help HIM, who will. – Vi

Then Charley learns Micah is with Nova and is upset no one asked her about him going to the gallery.

This is about NOVA.  Not him.  Then Charley commands Micah to come back to Vi’s house.

[What RA is not going to do is keep presenting me cake all through this show lol.  He is so foine.]

So Roberta comes in and they gonna get it on in the shower.  Roberta take your hoe ass away from my man.

Then Remy comes in with the Heineken, which is really good.  And if you didn’t know my monthly fast from liquor ends Friday. YAYY!!!

So Charley then confronts and judges Nova about being with a married man while she’s dismissing him.

Charley you need a good read and Aunt Vi is the one to give it you.  You ain’t the only one going through something.  Up here taking all your anger out on everyone.

But my thing is that Micah clearly has not gotten over anything and no one is A. Giving him space B. Telling him the truth C. Talking to him

When Nova tries, Charley shuts that down.  Micah gonna end up hurting himself probably.

Remy talks to Charley about him grieving his death and how she can survive grieving her husband.

You have people who want the best for you.  But you know that deep down – Remy

So Maxine comes in asking if “He” is here. Oh SHIT!!!

She asks for Hollywood and presents her as his ex-wife and then it comes out that they are still married and that she can’t find the baby.

So apparently she had a miscarriage and that is why she is looking for a baby and they are really married because she would’ve lost the insurance had he divorced her.  She has bipolar and that insurance is what helps house her.


Then Vi dismisses his lying ass like she should!!!

Vi looks like she is ready to fiiiiiight or kill.

Note:  This is wayyy too much for me.  Like I feel for VI.  I get he had responsibilities, but why LIE!!! Especially when everyone would’ve been okay with her.