Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9 Next To Nothing

These human beings died and the persons who sent them to their graves, don’t know their names.

This episode really focuses on the importance of human capital and immigration as it relates to the job force.  The episode shows two employees being found dead following a recent hurricane.  However, none of the Bordelon children know the names of the deceased.

They only had about 7 employees.  This shows the lack of sympathy and creativity in increasing employee morale that the Bordelons have for their employees.  Maybe it is because they hired the cheapest workers they could find.  I am not against hiring undocumented or non-citizen Hispanic and Latino workers because everyone has to work and everyone has to survive.  But I am against the possible underpaying, mistreatment, and abuse that these employees may have faced under the hands of Charley deVille.

I do not find any penance in Charley attempting to send the belongings of the deceased employees to their families.  Too little too late. 

All I want to know is if everything was legit.  Meaning I want to know the pay, the hours, if they got overtime, etc etc etc.  I want someone from the DOL to investigate that shit because something is off.  I know it is fiction, but that boils my blood.

What else boils my blood is that Darla parasitic behind is trying to get her fangs back into Ralph Angel.  Now I love that she wants to be with her child, but the family that they may have once had is GONE.  The teacher loves RA and Blu.  She has actually done MORE for Blu than Darla.  

What am I missing?  RA needs to stop reminiscing on the past and look to what kind of future he would have with Darla.  People’s future actions are based on their past actions.

FINALLY, RA needs to get a damn mediator from DFCS to mend this situation.  Clearly, he is open to Darla being with Blu, and as long as Darla isn’t going to hurt him, then that is GREAT.  But make it legal.  RA is a grown ass man.  The cops are scary, yes, but not all of them want to kill you.  Some want to surprisingly do their job.  Let them get involved in this because that will help out a lot.

But then again, RA doesn’t even have custody of Blu and that would put everything in Aunt Vi’s hand.  And we all know how Aunt Vi feels about Blu.

Why wouldn’t you let Micah stay with Nova if you were Charley?

So I did a proxy survey of internet people.  I wanted to know why they wouldn’t let Micah stay with Nova and the biggest issue people had was her drug dealing.

And I think that is fair.  Nova seems very safe, but the people she deals with can be dangerous.  Hell, she doesn’t even allow them in her house.  In fact, if I heard it correctly, it was Dimples, who is a drug dealer Nova supplies, that killed the farmers on this episode.

Well, all in all, it was an OK episode.

What do you think?