Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 8 Where With All

Aunt Vi finally did what she needed to do. But her bias for Charley is really showing.

The show is about how the family and proxy family members deal with staying in Aunt Vi’s  house during a hurricane.  While they prep for the hurricane. Charley refuses to let the workers leave before the hurricane.  But that is just cruel and bad management.  As well, she condescended her employees.  Then she withheld those employees checks until the job was finished.  That combination destroys employee morale and as someone on Twitter stated, it would make those employees find other work.

Also, Darla, who is Blue’s mom, comes to the farm before Blue and Ralph Angel head to Aunt Vi’s place for shelter.  Darla goes along with them and it causes hell.

After everything is situated, the fun starts to happen after Hollywood brings the Hennessy.  Darla puts Blue to sleep by reading him a book.  Then she tells him some bullshit story about RA and her.  The story is about how two friends fought over a toy and forget they are friends.  And I guess that is cute, but as a child of divorced parents, I can say it is frightening to hear that.  For one, it is bullshit.  Two, a child is not a toy and that is Darla’s problem.  She sees Blue as a possession and not an individual.  My parents never did that and that’s why I came out somewhat OK with that situation.  Darla is using Blue as a bargaining chip to get RA back.   

And the worse thing is that RA fell for her bullshit.  If she was truly serious, she should get in touch with a mediator to prove her capability and sincerity. 

RA doesn’t have healthy boundaries and that’s how he gets into all the bullshit he does.

And that is why we have Aunt Vi who let Darla know that she is not welcomed.  And she is not needed till she gets better.  Aunt Vi is thinking about what is best for Blue and all the grown folks can take care of themselves.   

While this is going on, we still have Charley and Nova bumping heads.  Nova discusses with Micah about his transferring schools and going to a school near Nola and she opens up an invitation for Micah to live with her.  This makes Charley flip in the passive way she does.  But with the liquid courage Nova confronts her about her behavior after misunderstanding a statement regarding her lifestyle and Charley not wanting Micah around that.

Charley’s concern is about Nova’s sexuality.   But it isn’t  Nova’s bisexuality, but her polygamy that concerns Charley.  It is also the area Nova lives in and the fact that she farms weed.  And I can see Nova’s weed operation as a legitimate reason to not let Micah move in with her. 

This brings up the discussion about class and sexuality that we rarely see discussed in black shows.  Polyamory exists in the black community and is a form of sexuality that is accepted more than a lot of people like to express. As well, places like the 9th are undesirable to bourgeoisie blacks but would be a lot safer.  At the end of the day, there are gutter people no matter where you go.  As well, as long as you aren’t in the streets, you shouldn’t have a problem. 

 But the thing is, Nova is in those streets.  She is the fucking source.  So I get Charley’s concern there and it is a legitimate concern.  But she should definitely consider relocating to the 9th if that is her main problem.  Nova is involved with drug dealers and that can bring a lot of shit that is undesirable.  

What do you think?