Showtime at the Apollo RETURNS MONDAY!

I know I may be late, but Showtime at the Apollo is returning Monday, December 5, 2016 on Fox at 8 PM ET! And I am literally spazzing out.  Like some people don’t understand the love I have for Showtime at the Apollo.  Like that was family time growing up.

It tried to come back a few times since I could remember the first time it was cancelled.  Apparently, the theatre, which is in multiple cities, always have amateur nights. But now, it can be in mass syndication.  The last attempt with Gladys Knight was pretty cool and I loved when Monique was hosting it. 

I don’t care who is hosting it as long as it was not some newbie.  That would’ve irritated me to high hell.  I am overjoyed to see Steve Harvey hosting Showtime at the Apollo. I think this man is going to be tired as hell by 70, but he stays working.  His work ethic is something to be envied and I wish I could borrow some of that energy.

As well, I hope Showtime at the Apollo does history points like they use to do.  The Apollo has a vast history itself.  This Harlem theatre started and jettisoned acts like James Brown, The Supreme’s, Patti LaBelle, Whoopi Goldberg, and Lauryn Hill.  It is a monolithic place that can start and end careers.  

I hope that they bring back The Sandman from when Monique was hosting it or get someone who can do the Sandman Sim act verbatim.  I hope they bring back the “Womp Womp!”, which I hated at first but came to love.  I also hope that they keep the celebrity performances up.  Finally, I hope that the monologues are fresh, even if they aren’t all from Steve.  

I really can’t wait to see this Monday. 

What are you excited about seeing?

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