Special Needs Man Being Tortured by Black Chicago Teens is a Response to Racism [Full Video]

Special Needs Man Tortured by Chiacgo Teens on Facebook Live

Special needs man being tortured by 4 black Chicago teens, including the original poster Brittany Herring, during a Facebook Live is going viral.  

The 4 Black Chicago Teens are Victims Too

While I disagree with some of Gazi Kodzo’s points, he makes a good point regarding what could’ve created the conditions for this to happen.  And with all the media attention that this Facebook post is getting, we shouldn’t turn our head from the ongoing torture of black people in the US and across the world. From the industrial prison complex to the ongoing murders of black people in the streets by police officers, we are still currently under ongoing torture via colonialism and neo-colonialism. While I may not condone the behavior of these BLACK Chicago Teens, I get it.  

These are the underprivileged Chicago black youth that were brought up and molded in an environment where racism destroyed almost every facet of their life.  This caused them to turn to their own system of justice and work, which is the “street.”  This is a natural reaction of the oppressed.  They believed this man was a component of their oppression and they began to take action.  While the action they took it may not be right, it is understandable.  

Like with Kim Burrell, I say that we do not vilify the actual teens who committed this act, but we should combat the institutions that created a space for them to do this.  They will already be sent to the torture chambers and slave quarters that are the United States Prisons.  And with all the media attention and whitelash that they are receiving, they may get life.  Let’s not take this with the mindset that these are bad black teenagers, but that these are the products of such heavy oppression under racism and neo-colonialism.

Again, it doesn’t make it right, but it should be seen as a symptom of the oppression that the Chicago Black Youth face EVERYDAY.

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