Star Producer Lee Daniels’ Misguided Media Campaign

Star is Amazing

Star is one of my secret pleasures. It is really captivating and it has an element of “realness” that you don’t see on television quite often.  Star starts with the story of the only white girl in the hood, who is only in the hood because her white mom was a crackhead fucking the black drug dealers.  Then Star goes into the well to do black teen who is lying on the internet about who they really are.  Then Star brings to light the realities of many foster children in America regarding the abuse that children endure in foster care by hetero foster parents.

Star has a Problem

However, the main issue surrounding Star lies in the manner the producer, Lee Daniels, was trying to market it. He may have soured the anticipation of Star with statements like,

I wanted white people to feel cool. I wanted them to not be made fun of. – Lee Daniels

Retrieved from With ‘Star,’ Lee Daniels Tries to Expand an Empire by  Joe Coscarelli

Statements like this really tarnishes what is great about Star .  The discussion from the show definitely shouldn’t be about white people being seen as cool.  Whatever that means.  Because in America, whiteness is the model of wealth, power, class, beauty, and health.  So there is no way to sell this show as a nod to a group of people who do not need it.

The Cool Ass White Person Spin is Dated

This is why Lee Daniels got the reaction he got from Black Twitter.  Star should be marketed as a medium to show the harsh realities of poverty, abuse, and the music industry as they all interrelate.  The way Lee Daniels marketed Star is so 1970s.

And I still love Lee Daniels, but this media campaign was not apart of the “game” and not the “tea”.  What’s the tea!?  The tea is that white people, and yes I know Teena Marie was a passable black woman, have already broken into predominantly black spaces.  Singers like Jon. B, Eminem, Jojo (Who seems to be the muse of this show.), Joss Stone, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Kenny G., and Janis Joplin are seen as cool ass white people in the music industry.  So the spin Lee Daniels tried to use will never work because it’s already been done.


The actors of Star should’ve been the face of the media campaign.  They understand the characters and how they will relate to the actual audience.  Because I know every single girl on Star.  Whether these women were from school, family, or work, each character has a similar story to a woman I knew.  These characters resonate with me.  They just do. And I think it is sad that this aspect of Star will not be promoted.

Are you still digging Star?

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