Hillary vs Trump Debate #debatenight

Hillary vs Trump Debate #debatenight – YouTube I was so over this debate.  I did a longer video but why put it up.  I have to say that Clinton officially has my vote and I think the Republican party got hijacked. Follow me on social media @cmortalx Email me at cmortalx@gmail.com Cmortalx.com Facebook.com/cmortalx

Why is Dahir Adan DEAD and Ahmad Khan Rahami Living?

How is it that you, after a bombing and an attempting bombing, can have a SHOOTOUT WITH THE POLICE and LIVE?

Minnesota Mall Stabbing Claimed by ISIS

In a recent statement by an unnamed reporting organization that details attacks that are claimed by terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, ISIS has reported that the attacker at the Minnesota mall was an ISIS soldier. However, news agency like CNN have not been able to confirm this as of yet. Personally, I think that […]

Obama Unjustly Booed at Stadium on 9/11

Obama Unjustly Booed at Stadium on 9/11 – YouTube Please get it through your thick skulls.  It was the Obama administration that destabilized Al-qaeda.  Had the Republican party let Bill Clinton do what he wanted to do in the first place, 9/11 would not have happened. Follow me on all social media @cmortalx cmortalx.com

#neverforget is Bullshit

#neverforget is Bullshit – YouTube #neverforget is Bullshit especially if we can not own up to how America is just as responsible for the actions done by the terrorist.   Disclaimer: If you are sensitive about 9/11 stuff, please avoid this video. Follow me on all social media @cmortalx Cmortalx.com

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) attack on Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast

If you are like me, you are wondering why is Al-Qaeda still around after we beheaded Saddam Hussein, who had little to do with the terrorist group. →