Jimmy Kimmel Tears Up While Sharing Personal Story About Child’s Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel is known for being the funny guy of late night.  However, his show took a very personal and emotional turn that almost left in tears.  Kimmel shared a very personal story about his child’s fight for survival after his birth.  Please see down below. The most important part that Kimmel wanted everyone to […]

Janet Jackson Confirms Tour and Divorce

Janet Jackson took to her YouTube to let us know that she will be restarting her tour and changing the name.  As well, Janet confirmed that she will be divorcing her husband.  However, that was it.  Still a lot of questions, but that’s probably none of our business. I really liked how Janet Jackson handled […]

​Empire Season 3 Episode 7 Queen Cookie Review

The entire episode revolves around an impromptu dinner with Councilman DuBois’ mother, Miss Dubois, played by Phylicia Rashad.  But in true Empire fashion, a few issues occurs and see, the way Cookie’s life is set up…. Before the dinner is even planned, Jamal gets called out by his dad about his work ethic regarding his […]


So it is here!!  I know I have been absent, but I have came back with the jump off.  I decided to go in a different route and decided to start making podcasts.  I loved doing Cmortal Radio and have decided to reinvent that idea by doing Cmortalx Podcast.  Same concept, but it is something […]