I Was Called A Faggot Way Before I Was Called A Nigger Response

In this video, I respond to the article titled “I Was Called A F Word Way Before I Was Called a N Word”.  I am completely sick of this narrative that black people are innately homophobic. Remember to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE. Follow me on all social media @cmortalx

Consciouz TV’s Perfect Analysis of the Cleo Manago and Dr. Umar Johnson Debate on Homosexuality

In my previous post regarding the Cleo Manago and Dr. Umar Johnson Debate, I did not give an in depth analysis.  However, I ran across this video and it is great. The YouTuber’s handle is Consciouz TV. Subscribe to them here  https://www.youtube.com/user/DAVYSKENWORLD Follow them on Facebook here facebook.com/davyon.augustus What do you think?

Cleo Manago Debates Dr. Umar Johnson on Homosexuality [Video]

These are some long behind videos, but I love the dialogue that these two had. If you clicked on this blog post you probably know about Dr. Umar Johnson, who is a Pan-African liberation movement leader.  His books and speeches have impacted many with his ideology surrounding active and destructive white supremacy and how to […]

Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix First Impression

#lukecage #marvel #netflix This is my first impression on Luke Cage including a mini review/recap.  I love this character and show.   What are you views about the show?   Follow me on all social media @cmortalx Email me at cmortalx@gmail.com Cmortalx.com

cmortalx’s 5 Minute Rant: The Gay Agenda

cmortalx’s 5 Minute Rant: The Gay Agenda – YouTube I wasn’t sure about putting this video on my webpage, but no fear. I plan to weekly make a rant video every week like a purge.  I am going to get off my chest what I can’t regularly.   This week’s rant is about the Gay […]

OWN’s “Greenleaf” Trailer and the Pillar of the Black Community

With the recent controversy surrounding Brian Carns, Creflo Dollar, and the attack on prosperity preaching, I thought it was fitting that OWN debuted the trailer for their new show, “Greenleaf.”  I was so excited at the look and production of this drama.  I loved how they are touching on the untouched subject of what goes […]