“bwoy” Movie Review and Analysis from a Black Queer Feminist POV

“bwoy” is a brilliant movie about a white male attempting to connect and deal with the grief of a tragedy that occurred within his family.  His attempts are thwarted as he slowly becomes engulfed in an online fantasy that threatens to destroy the remains of what has become his life. “bwoy” is produced by Novo […]

Racetrac Employee Attacked by Gay Black Man

Racetrac Employee Attacked by Gay Black Man – YouTube The full video: We have to be smarter than this to survive in this world.  These Barbers are not playing.  Your life is worth more than a damn phone.   Nigga alert needs some resetting. Follow me on all social media @cmortalx Cmortalx.com

Exposing HIV Positive Persons

There has been a recent event where a Youtuber outed their ex roommate for being HIV positive.  The person’s issue is that their ex roommate are spreading HIV to other persons in the community by having raw sex with people.  Some of these persons in the community are their friends.  It became a big deal […]

Gay Lingo and Misogyny Conclusion

  In my most recent post.  I wanted to bring up the discussion of misogyny within the gay community.  I wanted to hear from black females in regards to gay men referring to them as fish, cunt, pussy etc etc etc.  I thought it would be a great to hear from a few gay black […]