Malcolm X Converses with James Baldwin on Race [Video]

Malcolm X spoke openly with James Baldwin on race in 1963.

Markeith Loyd: The Truth from Family and Neighbors

Markeith Loyd is possibly being misrepresented by the media.

Atlanta FX Season 1 Finale Episode 10 Jacket Review

I am still not sure what Darius is on.  I am still not sure if PaperBoi has blown up or is going to.  I am still not sure if Earn benefited from anything he experienced this season. And that is what makes this show so damn awesome.  It lets us ask questions. Why did Earn […]

cmortalx’s 5 Minute Rant: The Gay Agenda

cmortalx’s 5 Minute Rant: The Gay Agenda – YouTube I wasn’t sure about putting this video on my webpage, but no fear. I plan to weekly make a rant video every week like a purge.  I am going to get off my chest what I can’t regularly.   This week’s rant is about the Gay […]

White Supremacy Killed Alton and Philandro

  The ROOTS of American Policing #blackhistorymonth:   There has never been an okay time to be black in America, except for reconstruction before Jim Crow.  Black people are targets because it is a wide-spread belief that our lives are not valuable.  Until that change and we hold people accountable for their actions, things won’t […]