Why Do Black People Break Their Children? [LINK][VIDEO]

Is this preparing young black men for an oppressive world in which other black men will either hold them down or uphold them?

The Problem with ‘The End of Identity Liberalism’ & Post-Identity¬†

Do not ask me to dismiss my identity.

My Skin Lightening Journey

My Skin Lightening Journey – YouTube #skinlightening #whitenecia My skin lightening journey has been going on long before my decision to invest.  See what I did regarding my skin color.  This is the the video with Fraink White.  Please subscribe to him and the Preachers: Email me at cmortalx@gmail.com for suggestions or topics Follow me […]

Lil Wayne Says He Doesn’t Experience Racism

Lil Wayne Says He Doesn’t Experience Racism – YouTube And that’s ok because that is his truth.  I mean you speak from what you know.  Just because he doesn’t wear a suit and he doesn’t have the type of speech that people are use to rich guys having, does not mean he isn’t a multimillionaire […]

My horrible experience watching “When the Bough Breaks”

I may have actually enjoyed the movie had it not been for the 5% that was trying to outdo the movie.