Bill Cosby Sexual Offense Case Deemed a Mistrial by Judge

Stop comparing the Philando Castile Verdict to the Bill Cosby Mistrial!

Coward Dylann Roof Appeals (Begs) to the Courts Again to Repeal Death Sentence

So the coward who showed no mercy, wants mercy. Fuck you Dylann Roof!

Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death

Dylann Roof is Sentenced to death, but Deserves Far Worse.

The Problem with Dylann Roof’s Confession [VIDEO]

There is a problem with Dylann Roof’s Confession.

The Reason the Cop Who Killed Walter Scott is Free

This is the justice of a system of white supremacy.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 7 Call It Mother’s Intuition

This episode, like the rest, is jam packed, so I am going to focus on the parts that caught my attention The main story line: A mother is accusing her three children of trying to murder her with AntiFreeze.  The mother is mean as cat shit, but she was never physically abusive.  Being that she […]