Atlanta Ep. 1-3 Review & Rant

Atlanta Ep. 1-3 Review & Rant – YouTube #Atlanta I love this show.  I mean it is very through the looking glass but it is good.  This is how I feel about the show. Follow me on all social media @cmortalx


Within the last few years or so, Leslie Jones has been receiving a lot of criticism regarding her persona and her career.  While I knew of this comedian many years before her rise to fame through avenues like Comic View and All Stars, there were many who did not know who she was until she […]

Male-Identified Feminist

There is no stopping feminism and the push for gender autonomy. DEAL WITH IT! I am a male-identified person with a penis.  This has grants me access to male-privilege.  Although I stand at the intersection of being black/working-class/non-heternomative/male, I still have access to certain privileges that female-identfied persons do not.  I was taught misogyny by […]

Religious Fanaticism

In my last post I touched on my upbringing and how my father was against going to doctors due to his religious beliefs.  Hence the IBS transitioning into colitis slowly but surely.  This was a reality for my youth from 10 years old to 18 years old.  God fixed everything apparently, except for the things […]

White Gay Men Adopting Black Children

  I recently posted a picture of two white males with their three children who were assumed to be three black male toddlers (one was a female child, but no one would acknowledge that).  I also posted a picture of a gay male with three black male teenagers whom he adopted.  These pictures incited a […]

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) attack on Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast

If you are like me, you are wondering why is Al-Qaeda still around after we beheaded Saddam Hussein, who had little to do with the terrorist group. →