PewDiePie Says the N-Word & Swedish Racism

PewDiePie says the N-Word and I thought the Swedish couldn’t be racist.

Jimmy Kimmel Tears Up While Sharing Personal Story About Child’s Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel is known for being the funny guy of late night.  However, his show took a very personal and emotional turn that almost left in tears.  Kimmel shared a very personal story about his child’s fight for survival after his birth.  Please see down below. The most important part that Kimmel wanted everyone to […]

Evanescence Live Nation was Everything

Evanescence was streaming tonight on Live Nation and I loved it. I think they debuted two new songs.  The first song was dedicated to the people, Ben Moody *ahem*, who tried to break this band up.  But the second song came after the encore and it sounded like the title might just be “Animals”.😍😍😍😍 I […]