James Baldwin I Am Not Your Negro and A Rap on Race [Video]

BHM! James Baldwin: I Am Not Your Negro is out on February 3rd. Please support.

I Am A Bad Black Feminist

​It is completely hypocritical to be a black male black feminist.  It is difficult to discuss issues that I do not face outside of subjective homophobia. But I know black females stories from what they tell.  AND BEFORE YOU GO!  Most of the time I will let them tell their stories, oppose to me just […]

Male-Identified Feminist

There is no stopping feminism and the push for gender autonomy. DEAL WITH IT! I am a male-identified person with a penis.  This has grants me access to male-privilege.  Although I stand at the intersection of being black/working-class/non-heternomative/male, I still have access to certain privileges that female-identfied persons do not.  I was taught misogyny by […]

Privilege, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and ME

I often speak and write on racism, sexism, and homophobia as it relates to how it negatively affects me.  I speak on privileges that I do not have access to and are often used against me.  However, I rarely speak on how privileges that I have access to that disadvantage others in the system that […]

Gay Lingo and Misogyny Conclusion

  In my most recent post.  I wanted to bring up the discussion of misogyny within the gay community.  I wanted to hear from black females in regards to gay men referring to them as fish, cunt, pussy etc etc etc.  I thought it would be a great to hear from a few gay black […]