​Tomi Lahren Fired from the Blaze by Glenn Beck for Being Pro-Choice

In this video I discuss the temporary suspension and possible firing of Tomi Lahren from the Blaze by Glenn Beck.  I think that this is definitely a warning sign to all non cis hetero white males in those spaces.  ​ ​Tomi Lahren Fired from the Blaze by Glenn Beck for Being Pro-Choice Remember to like, […]

Star Producer Lee Daniels’ Misguided Media Campaign

Star is great, but not because it makes white people look “cool”.

Special Needs Man Being Tortured by Black Chicago Teens is a Response to Racism [Full Video]

Special needs man received the treatment of many past slaves and many non-white people across the world.

The DAPL Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Protest WORKED!!!

If media coverage was as intense as with the protests in Furguson, would the Standing Rock DAPL protesters be considered thugs, violent, and savage? 

Showtime at the Apollo RETURNS MONDAY!

I know I may be late, but Showtime at the Apollo is returning Monday, December 5, 2016 on Fox at 8 PM ET! And I am literally spazzing out.  Like some people don’t understand the love I have for Showtime at the Apollo.  Like that was family time growing up. It tried to come back […]

​Empire Season 3 Episode 7 Queen Cookie Review

The entire episode revolves around an impromptu dinner with Councilman DuBois’ mother, Miss Dubois, played by Phylicia Rashad.  But in true Empire fashion, a few issues occurs and see, the way Cookie’s life is set up…. Before the dinner is even planned, Jamal gets called out by his dad about his work ethic regarding his […]

#htgawm Season 3 Episode 4 Don’t Tell Annalise Review/Recap

That slap fron last episode was so hard BONNIE felt it lol. We have the scene where Annaleise is sweating in jail.  Because you know being in jail will do that. Bonnie comes in to see Keating and Bonnie still can not figure out what Keating is charged with. 4 weeks earlier: Annalise is at […]

Empire Season 3 Episode 4 Cupid Kills Review/Recap

Starts with Andre and Lucious going to Shine’s studio to get Nessa to join them An experience only a black woman can give you – Lucious lol.  Andre getting hawked by the police.  That’s funny. So we come inside the studio with the beautifully talented Nessa and Andre falls in love on first sight And […]

2016 Presidential Debate Round 2 Conspiracy 

I know I don’t do conspiracy theories, but this shit seemed really put together.  Like a stage play written by Shakespeare.  I think this is a hoax and makes me wonder about taking medication.  Because I hope I am losing it. Get all updates in social media @Cmortalx Facebook.com/cmortalx Cmortalx.com