Eddie Long’s Ministry is “Half-Cocked” According to Jamal Bryant

Eddie Long & the church are guilty of not addressing the pain of many victims of the church.

Eddie Long’s Death, Victim Blaming, & White Knighting

Eddie Long doesn’t need you to be a white knight for him.

Eddie Long, Bishop of New Birth, has Died

Eddie Long dies not too long after Kim Burrell’s prophecy.

Ex-Gay Gospel Singer Cornelius Edwards Speaks Out

Ex-Gay singer Cornelius Edwards breaks down in tears as he testifies about his deliverance from homosexuality.

Myth of the Fatherless Gay Black Man

was watching hoteps, as I do, and something triggered me to respond.  This is me talking on why having a black father around is not a fail-safe to not having Gay children.   Charlize Theron is letting HER child express themselves however they want.  Let’s not place labels on the child yet ok.  Let them […]

Forget Perception

Perception is reality. -assholes Yes, perception is reality.  However, that perception or reality is real only for the person who is perceiving.  It does not expand into others worlds or universe.  We can all look at an apple and perceive it differently, however, my perception or reality of what that apple is does not mean […]