CMX Podcast 10/21/2017 #kennekajenkins #camnewton #lhh #blackextremism

This week on CMX Podcast, I cover the following topics: Kenneka Jenkins case closing and new pictures. Hazel E & Rose Burgundy vs the world. Cam Newton vs the entirety of the white feminism. FBI’s report on black extremism. ******* Please let me know if I missed anything, if you disagree with anything, or if […]

#Atlanta Season 1 Episode 6 Value Review/Recap

Starts off with a woman at a fancy restaurant.  Van comes on in. The woman seems real uppity and condescending. You can tell she is woman’s of means, but it may be a sugar daddy.  Maybe she escorts NBA players. And yep I am right. She is a little mean. The woman invites Van to […]

Atlanta Episode 4 Nobody Beats the Biebs

It starts off with Paperboi Dabbing for the photo shoot regarding the kids charity basketball game. Paperboi tries to hit on a white female reporter who couldn’t understand the language.  Name Valencia Joiner.  He continues to flirt and attempt to get an interview, but she has nooooo idea who he is. LOL.  She only knows […]