Black Woman Attacked and Kicked Out of All White Restaurant

This black woman just wanted to leave and was pulled into a fiery confrontation with an all white staff and their patrons.

I Am A Bad Black Feminist

​It is completely hypocritical to be a black male black feminist.  It is difficult to discuss issues that I do not face outside of subjective homophobia. But I know black females stories from what they tell.  AND BEFORE YOU GO!  Most of the time I will let them tell their stories, oppose to me just […]

“Transracial Lives Do Actually Matter…” by Katherine Elizabeth [Sponsored Post]

Thank you so much Katherine Elizabeth for allowing me to share this amazing piece. Link to original blog post Follow her on and I am a Black woman, and I identify as transracial. Like for real transracial, no joke. I was adopted from birth by a white woman, and have struggled with […]

White Gay Men Adopting Black Children

  I recently posted a picture of two white males with their three children who were assumed to be three black male toddlers (one was a female child, but no one would acknowledge that).  I also posted a picture of a gay male with three black male teenagers whom he adopted.  These pictures incited a […]

Gay Lingo and Misogyny Conclusion

  In my most recent post.  I wanted to bring up the discussion of misogyny within the gay community.  I wanted to hear from black females in regards to gay men referring to them as fish, cunt, pussy etc etc etc.  I thought it would be a great to hear from a few gay black […]

Gay Lingo and Misogyny

I am a huge fan of lingo that originated in the Ballrooms, at gay clubs, and among gay people. I think that it is festive and clever. I love it sooo much. However, with that being stated, I am kind of concerned. In our society, we often look at misogyny and racism with the heteronormative […]