Andrew Caldwell’s Accounts Allegedly Frozen by Kordell Stewart

If you are not aware, Kordell Stewart sued Andrew Caldwell for defamation and libel after Andrew stated that Kordell had sex with him during Kordell’s marriage with Porsha Stewart. Aftwerwards, Kordell responded with a lawsuit. Kordell WON the case and the judge told Andrew Caldwell to ante up and the judge ordered Andrew to pay […]

Star Producer Lee Daniels’ Misguided Media Campaign

Star is great, but not because it makes white people look “cool”.

Ronald Moon’s Interview on The Rock Newman Show “Our Glass House”

The Rock Newman interviewed Ronald Moon last year on his show, The Rock Newman Show, which is hosted at Howard University. You may remember Ronald Moon from his is brutal attack by a bunch of vandals who kept breaking into his family home turned community center.   If you don’t remember, you may after viewing […]

#HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 1 We’re Good People Now Review

It starts off with Wes’ EVIL ASS father Frank being Murdered. Keating tells Wes about why Frank did it and Keating lets out that scream that her mother taught her and Wes follows suit. Between all this we get a body bag going into an ambulance and I’m thinking it is Mahoney bitch ass. So […]