“The Bad Person Zone”

Starting with me, we have to stop making enemies out of people who just do not like, reject, or are indifferent to us.

Why Do Black People Break Their Children? [LINK][VIDEO]

Is this preparing young black men for an oppressive world in which other black men will either hold them down or uphold them?

Myth of the Fatherless Gay Black Man

was watching hoteps, as I do, and something triggered me to respond.  This is me talking on why having a black father around is not a fail-safe to not having Gay children.   Charlize Theron is letting HER child express themselves however they want.  Let’s not place labels on the child yet ok.  Let them […]


  So I have been dealing with IBS since I was 14 years old.  I would like to say I was kind of embarrassed about it.  I think that it comes from a lot of stress I endured as a child.  I will not go into it, but my child hood was not terrible, but […]

White Gay Men Adopting Black Children

  I recently posted a picture of two white males with their three children who were assumed to be three black male toddlers (one was a female child, but no one would acknowledge that).  I also posted a picture of a gay male with three black male teenagers whom he adopted.  These pictures incited a […]

Gay Lingo and Misogyny Conclusion

  In my most recent post.  I wanted to bring up the discussion of misogyny within the gay community.  I wanted to hear from black females in regards to gay men referring to them as fish, cunt, pussy etc etc etc.  I thought it would be a great to hear from a few gay black […]