I Am A Bad Black Feminist

​It is completely hypocritical to be a black male black feminist.  It is difficult to discuss issues that I do not face outside of subjective homophobia. But I know black females stories from what they tell.  AND BEFORE YOU GO!  Most of the time I will let them tell their stories, oppose to me just […]


Within the last few years or so, Leslie Jones has been receiving a lot of criticism regarding her persona and her career.  While I knew of this comedian many years before her rise to fame through avenues like Comic View and All Stars, there were many who did not know who she was until she […]


So it is here!!  I know I have been absent, but I have came back with the jump off.  I decided to go in a different route and decided to start making podcasts.  I loved doing Cmortal Radio and have decided to reinvent that idea by doing Cmortalx Podcast.  Same concept, but it is something […]