Appeals Court Blocks Trump’s Revised Immigration (Muslim) Ban

The 4th U.S. Circuit Courts blocked Trump’s “revised” Immigration aka Muslim Ban Vill with a vote of 10-3 (NYT). If you don’t recall, the big question when Trump was elected was whether or not he would keep his campaign promises.  One of the big promises (besides to the Mexican Wall and repealing Obamacare, which are […]

Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Ban on Muslims

Better late than never #muslimban

#muslimban is the Slippery Slope #noban #nowall

#muslimban is the slippery slope they’ve warned us about.

The DAPL Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Protest WORKED!!!

If media coverage was as intense as with the protests in Furguson, would the Standing Rock DAPL protesters be considered thugs, violent, and savage? 

Blaming Poor and Working Class Whites for Presidential Elect Donald Trump is Dangerous

Disclaimer: I am in no way defending or caping for poor or working class WHITES. They don’t need my help.   There has been a lot of banter and rhetoric in regards to how Donald Trump became Presidential Elect.  (Mind you, the popular vote swayed in Hillary Clinton’s favor by almost 200,000 votes.  But, it […]

Hillary vs Trump Debate #debatenight

Hillary vs Trump Debate #debatenight – YouTube I was so over this debate.  I did a longer video but why put it up.  I have to say that Clinton officially has my vote and I think the Republican party got hijacked. Follow me on social media @cmortalx Email me at

Lil Wayne Says He Doesn’t Experience Racism

Lil Wayne Says He Doesn’t Experience Racism – YouTube And that’s ok because that is his truth.  I mean you speak from what you know.  Just because he doesn’t wear a suit and he doesn’t have the type of speech that people are use to rich guys having, does not mean he isn’t a multimillionaire […]