James Alex Fields Mows Down Anti-Racist Protesters

Trump’s administration turns blind eye to an act of terrorism on American soil.

Jimmy Kimmel Tears Up While Sharing Personal Story About Child’s Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel is known for being the funny guy of late night.  However, his show took a very personal and emotional turn that almost left in tears.  Kimmel shared a very personal story about his child’s fight for survival after his birth.  Please see down below. The most important part that Kimmel wanted everyone to […]

​Tomi Lahren Fired from the Blaze by Glenn Beck for Being Pro-Choice

In this video I discuss the temporary suspension and possible firing of Tomi Lahren from the Blaze by Glenn Beck.  I think that this is definitely a warning sign to all non cis hetero white males in those spaces.  ​ ​Tomi Lahren Fired from the Blaze by Glenn Beck for Being Pro-Choice Remember to like, […]

Special Needs Man Being Tortured by Black Chicago Teens is a Response to Racism [Full Video]

Special needs man received the treatment of many past slaves and many non-white people across the world.

The DAPL Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Protest WORKED!!!

If media coverage was as intense as with the protests in Furguson, would the Standing Rock DAPL protesters be considered thugs, violent, and savage? 

The Problem with ‘The End of Identity Liberalism’ & Post-Identity 

Do not ask me to dismiss my identity.