James Baldwin I Am Not Your Negro and A Rap on Race [Video]

BHM! James Baldwin: I Am Not Your Negro is out on February 3rd. Please support.

Eddie Long’s Ministry is “Half-Cocked” According to Jamal Bryant

Eddie Long & the church are guilty of not addressing the pain of many victims of the church.

Ex-Gay Gospel Singer Cornelius Edwards Speaks Out

Ex-Gay singer Cornelius Edwards breaks down in tears as he testifies about his deliverance from homosexuality.

Serena Williams’ Engagement and the Call for Interracial Dating

With all the unnecessary ruckus caused by Serena Williams’ engagement, a video of a black man calling for all black women to engage in interracial dating because of downlow black gay men is going viral. Do you agree with him?

Gay Lingo and Misogyny

I am a huge fan of lingo that originated in the Ballrooms, at gay clubs, and among gay people. I think that it is festive and clever. I love it sooo much. However, with that being stated, I am kind of concerned. In our society, we often look at misogyny and racism with the heteronormative […]