Tank Faces Controversy After Performing Shirtless at D.C. Gay Pride [Video]

So a male singer can’t sing at a venue because it’s a gay funded venue?!

Janet Jackson Confirms Tour and Divorce

Janet Jackson took to her YouTube to let us know that she will be restarting her tour and changing the name.  As well, Janet confirmed that she will be divorcing her husband.  However, that was it.  Still a lot of questions, but that’s probably none of our business. I really liked how Janet Jackson handled […]

Showtime at the Apollo RETURNS MONDAY!

I know I may be late, but Showtime at the Apollo is returning Monday, December 5, 2016 on Fox at 8 PM ET! And I am literally spazzing out.  Like some people don’t understand the love I have for Showtime at the Apollo.  Like that was family time growing up. It tried to come back […]