The DAPL Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Protest WORKED!!!

The Army Corp of Engineers has decided to no longer allow the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to go through the  surrounding areas of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.  In an official statement from the Army,

This is Army corp of Engineers official statement rejecting the Dakota Access Pipeline from going through the Stand Rock Sioux Reservation. Retrieved from

, the Army has given their reasoning behind their decision (Berg, 2016).  I believe this has been a great day in American history.  As well, it proves that protesting can still work.

After getting blow after blow in regards to the seeming ineffectiveness of marches and protests done by  #blacklivesmatter and any Black liberation movement, I am very inspired by the Sioux Tribe and their ability  to withstand such hardships and actually get results.  They said that the pipeline wouldn’t be going through their land and they meant it.  Tariq states that the Dakota Access Pipeline is set to go through other areas oppose to the surrounding areas of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation (2016). 

Protesters have been vehemently combating the move to allow DAPL’s construction since February 2015 (Summon, 2016).  With tanks and water hoses being used on them in freezing conditions and the inability of the media to give this proper coverage did not dissolve the protests (Tariq, 2016).  However, it is hard to not notice the difference between this and the protests surrounding #blacklivesmatter.  I think the biggest reason behind the difference of results is the reasoning, the lack of a perceived criminal element, the massive support, and the race of the protestors.

(POETIC, 2016)

Reservations are the property of the tribes they are given to. It is their right to ensure its safety and stability.  The Sioux protesters were fighting for THEIR land. #blacklivesmatter protests surrounded the murder of black people by authorized figures.  The Standing Rock Sioux DAPL protest was a proactive attempt to save lives from authorized figures.  #blacklivesmatter protests are reactionary attempts to prevent past crimes (At least, what I consider are crimes.) from reoccurring and ensuring justice is served for the offended parties.  

When #blacklivesmatter protests, like those in Ferguson occurs, the media spins it as violent, savage, and criminal.  However, the small amount of coverage surrounding the Stranding Rock Sioux DAPL protest seemed to place the protesters as victims, which they were.  The intense violence against the protestors, which matched the responses given to the #blacklivesmatter protesters, were never validated like they were in Ferguson.  There weren’t any criminal element placed on the Standing Rock Sioux DAPL protests.

Black people are protesting against the persecution of our bodies, which equates to our personal properties.  As well, we are trying to find ways ensure that it is prevented.  As well, there are other mediums #blacklivesmatter uses besides protests.  This includes legal Aide, prevention, job education, skill training etc etc etc #unameit.  

With all this, #blacklivesmatter does not get the same amount of support that the Standing Rock Sioux Protests got.  White people and white liberal supported this.  There were no #alllandmatter rebuttals going around.  The liberal white loved this movement in a way that they will never love #blacklivesmatter. 

(And this is not asking white people or begging white people to stand behind #blacklivesmatter, but just pointing out the difference in support.)

I can rejoice for the Sioux Tribe success at Standing Rock.  At the same time, I can see the difference in effectiveness in mobilizing the government to resolve the issues that cause the protests. I think the pink elephant and the biggest reason behind the difference in results are race and pigmentation.  Black people, on average, are more melanated than the current indigenous people of this nation.

Melanin is scary to mainstream America and any legitimized authority.  Especially as it is portrayed and spun on television.  Maybe the lack of media coverage helped the DAPL protests. But even if media coverage was as intense as with the protests in Furguson, would the Standing Rock DAPL protesters be considered thugs, violent, and savage?  

Let me know what you think.

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