The Problem with ‘The End of Identity Liberalism’ & Post-Identity 

​We need a post-identity liberalism, and it should draw from the past successes of pre-identity liberalism…Such a liberalism would concentrate on widening its base by appealing to Americans as Americans and emphasizing the issues that affect a vast majority of them. (Lilla, 2016).

This is dangerous rhetoric.  This entire article is problematic.  I think Hillary Clinton did the right thing by focusing on minorities in her campaign.  Hillary’s refusal to pander to poor whites or an universal group doesn’t legitimize Trump’s election.
Trump won because a lot of the people Hillary marketed to, yes marketed to, were never going to vote for her.  I still believe that a large percentage of people who didn’t vote were liberal and apart of the Bern or Bust movement.
This article inappropriately blames Hillary and her appeal to minorities as a reason for the loss.  However, it was a large percentage of Black and Hispanic voters who actually came out to vote.  And a large percentage of the people of color who voted, voted for Hillary. Unlike whites across the board, who didn’t vote or didn’t vote for her, the minorities pushed for Hillary’s election.  But as we now know, it was to little avail.
When we start using terms like post-identity, which is code for post-racial in my opinion, we dismiss the exposure necessary for PROPER representation in our society.  White liberals failed Hillary, not the minorities she was appealing to.  The blame game stops here.  We should already know that it was not the minorities or the poor whites that caused the election of Donald Trump.  

Don’t Blame “The Blacks” for President Elect Donald Trump

Blaming Poor and Working Class Whites for Presidential Elect Donald Trump is Dangerous

This article was a big play on words that I did not appreciate.  And if anything, it isn’t something I would expect in such a liberal media platform like the New York Times.  People are desperate and afraid.  They have that right to be desperate and afraid.  However, this kind of behavior displayed in this article should be called out.

This society is not ready for POST-IDENTITY, and we have not resolved enough issues to accept that ideology.  In my opinion, Lilla is calling for Americans to pander and appeal to white supremacists.  The ideology of post-identity is currently inclusive of those people who hate and discriminate against  anyone who’s identifies differently than them. Post-identity is great if bigots didn’t exist. But they do and they are currently emboldened and are expressing that hatred.

I am not sorry.  

I will not be rubbing shoulders with supremacists and bigots in some sci-fi, ideological,  fan fiction, nonsense world that post-identity creates. Also, do not ask me to dismiss my identity.  Ask the bigots to fix their hatred.  And even if the bigots go away and we live in a peaceful world, Post-Identity is still dismissive and problematic.


Lilla, M. 2016. The End of Identity Liberalism. Retrieved from

  • TheMechanicalAdv

    “Ask the bigots to fix their hatred.”

    The only way to stop hatred is to beat it down. Why are all you Leftists making abstract pronouncements? Why aren’t you doing something productive, like punishing murderous cops, or springing innocent black people from prison? Or even just marching with a real activist group like Black Lives Matter? The world lives and dies by rebellion. Civil rights leaders knew that in the 60s. Now you’ve relegated yourselves to scoring political points against bloggers. And you accuse us of living in a fantasy world?

    • Who are you to tell anyone who to protest or combat idiocy? Are you going to march with me and pay for bail if I am imprisoned? Are you going to pay for my funeral if I am murdered?

      Do not tell me how to protests and you never know what anyone does outside of their blog.