Black Family’s House in Arizona Vandalized by Racist Thugs in Heartbreaking Facebook Live Video

In a heartbreaking Facebook live post, Tishonda White-Grissom began by tearfully saying that her and her family of seven do not bother anyone in their neighborhood in El Mirage, Arizona.  Yet as she pans the camera to her house in a nice suburb, the word, “Nigger” and the phrase, “Monkeys go home” are scrawled across the house.  Then as she walks towards the garage, you see the words, “Nigger leave” painted on the garage doors.

Please watch the video below:

It is a sad day when a person still can’t live in a suburban neighborhood without being harassed for the color of their skin or any other reason that includes identity.  If a person isn’t hurting another human being, then leave them the fuck alone.  The shame in this is that she pays for her house and pays for comfort.  There shouldn’t be any excuse as to why she can’t live where she wants without harassment by ignorant fucking cowards who could face her and her family directly.

The people who did this are cowards and deserve to clean graffiti for the rest of their lives. But until these vandals are caught, the community, which may have included the culprits, helped clean up the disgusting graffiti.

For now, I hope Tishonda put cameras around her house and invest in a good security system just in case some bullshit happens again.  I hope that her and her family recovers from this and the vandals are brought to justice.