What is a fuck boi?! 

It is someone no one needs in their life that is for sure.

Excerpt from Huffpost:

In its original context, the word was used to insult a man for lack of traditional masculinity. On Urban Dictionary — the respected authority on such matters — the first definition of a fuckboy, from December 2004, is “a person who is a weak ass pussy.” Nothing new. But in the second entry, written nearly ten years later, fuckboys take on a different set of traits, like “relies on his mom but doesn’t respect women” and “can’t find the clitoris.” – Boboltz 2015

Fuck boi was originally coined by societies where gay sex was outlawed and considered sodomy.  *Ahem.  So these included male prostitues who would give themselves to dukes, counts, and rich guys for dough.  And they would be called variations of the term “Fuck Boi”.  But the clear connotation behind the term was negative in a sense that the person did not deserve to walk among others in society because they broke societal rules.  They were the scourge of the society.

Dwight from Iyanla Vanzant Fix My life, Season 1 Episode 1 Fix My Broken Family is a fuck boi for the new age.  The behavior of being irresponsible and breaking societal rules is acceptable….for the young. However, when you get old it stops being cute even though it was not that cute to begin with.
How do I know?!  Because I am a recovering Fuck Boi.  Someone who did not give a shit about his responsibilities in regards to his family, his health, or his finances.  I only cared about feeling good.  This hedonistic attitude brought me into the spaces og those with the same vibration.  It was a scary time.

You always think you the baddest until you meet the worst.

Once I saw the worst I changed up.  I don’t think Dwight saw the worst, which could be a person (for me), an event, or a loss that makes you re evaluate your thinking. Maybe he did and it just made him sink lower.  Past the valley into a hell of his own design.

I had my Beloveds.  I had my Ikes.  I had my dinners with the devil while he stuck a pitchfork in my ass.  I had my lows.

Once I came out somewhat okay, I changed my behavior so I wouldn’t end up back in those spaces or worse, death.

Stay blessed



Boboltz, K.  2015. A Brief History if FUCKBOI, ‘The Internet’s Favorite New Man-Bashing Slur. Retrieved fromhttp://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7471142