When The Bough Breaks Review

This review is going to be really short.  It was fucking horrible because of what I expected it to be.

Yes Morris, I know that you tried but this was a flop among flops.  I decided to take my gap tooth, crooked teeth, fat ass, nappy headed ass down to North Dekalb Mall.  It is closer to where I live and on the way home from work.  I know what it was gonna be.

But that’s a different story for a different post.

Back to the movie.  I think that it is a good attempt to show the versatility of various actors, especially black actors.  It was a way to show that black people can do horror films that do not suck.


In all fairness, it was not really the acting that hurt this filmed.  However, there was a lot of cheesy over acting.  But the real issue are the plot holes and clearly added scenes.  I mean there were so many questions that were left unanswered.

Spoiler Alert:

  1. Where did Anna get the courage to kill Mike after being severely beaten and afraid of him?
  2. Why doesn’t John tell his wife about Anna’s inappropriate behavior being that it would not have any undue consequences?
  3. Where did the police come from during the first confrontation with Anna, John, and Laura?
  4. Did Anna mess with Laura’s calendar?
  5. How does Anna fit into Laura’s dress when Laura got more boaiaiaidy?
  6. Did Todd ever flirt with Anna?


These plus many more plot holes made me wonder what were they trying to achieve with this movie.  I think that somewhere, someone has an uncut director’s cut of this movie that will answer questions and help this movie flow along without any issues.  As well, there were so many scenes at the end of the movie that were clearly added after the first cut that I would consider plot devices to help with plot holes. I’m sure the editors realized these plot holes had to be filled after reviewing the first cut of this movie ie, the scene where Anna kills Mike.

What made it worse is that there was so much potential.  This film’s cinematography was A1.  I mean there were scenes that would not be scary if they were shot any other way.  For example, when Anna hits John/Laura in the back of the head.  That was only scary because of the way the director shot it.

Also, there was little diversity in regards to the body types in this movie.  I noticed that all the black women in this movie were small framed.  I am meaning those who played major roles outside of the two.  Also, the only Latino…mixed heritage…guy was abusive as hell.  While this is problematic in a sense, it does help destroy a lot of stereotypes by reinforcing some.  Finally, there was not enough of this.

I mean, when I go see a Morris Chestnut film I need to see some body.  I mean I’m sure the straight guys were loving the almost nude scenes of the skinny frail women on-screen (btw the billboards lied), but for the gay guys like me, what do I get?   One scene where his t-shirt is coming from the back of his ass while he is wearing a white dress shirt.  I Guess.

But I am not going to just sit here and lie like it wasn’t fun.  It was fun outside of the five percent in the audience that made it something I couldn’t enjoy.  Everyone wants to be heard I guess.  But I paid my 6 dollars to watch this crappy ass movie, not listen to your shit. Again, a different story for a different post.

When the Bough Breaks

My homework for you and I is to watch the original film that was released in the late 40’s.   It was a rave by many of the reviewers on IMDB.  However, it is Old white Hollywood silver screen and white people love that shit (along with a few gay guys).  Once you are done watching it, compare it to the new version produced by Morris Chestnut.

So let me know what you think of the movie?  Do you think my review is accurate?

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