Andrew Caldwell’s Accounts Allegedly Frozen by Kordell Stewart

If you are not aware, Kordell Stewart sued Andrew Caldwell for defamation and libel after Andrew stated that Kordell had sex with him during Kordell’s marriage with Porsha Stewart.

Aftwerwards, Kordell responded with a lawsuit.

Kordell WON the case and the judge told Andrew Caldwell to ante up and the judge ordered Andrew to pay 3 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS.

And clearly the judge and Kordell meant for the payments to start immediately.

On May 2, 2017, Andrew Caldwell released a video speaking on his accounts being allegedly frozen by Kordell Stewart.

This is a lesson learned for all YouTubers, bloggers, and other forms of online personalities. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE.  If you want to talk smack, DON’T SAY THE FUCKING PERSON’S NAME.  Especially if you can’t prove what you are saying about them.

Bro, the DL dudes aren’t playing with anyone are they?

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