Atlanta FX Season 1 Finale Episode 10 Jacket Review

I am still not sure what Darius is on.  I am still not sure if PaperBoi has blown up or is going to.  I am still not sure if Earn benefited from anything he experienced this season.

And that is what makes this show so damn awesome.  It lets us ask questions.

Why did Earn get kicked out (or dropped out) of Princeton?

What is wrong with Darius?

Where is Zan?

Why is Earn living in a storage after all this shit?

But what I think Earn learned, if you asked me, is that you can’t always win at playing right.  He did the absolute best he could.  Yet, it only left him with 200 dollars and a storage apartment.  Sounds familiar.  It should.

Being a good person is about how you can sleep at night.  Whether it is in a storage bin or in a compound.  

If you are OK with yourself, then fuck the other shit.