#Atlanta Season 1 Episode 6 Value Review/Recap

Starts off with a woman at a fancy restaurant.  Van comes on in.

The woman seems real uppity and condescending.

You can tell she is woman’s of means, but it may be a sugar daddy.  Maybe she escorts NBA players.

And yep I am right.

She is a little mean.

The woman invites Van to a party.  They discuss Earn.

They get into a fight over their different lifestyles.

Lol Van looks like she wants to cry after the argument.

Here we meet Kevin and CJ who Jayde, which is the escort’s name, are trying to do a tag team with Van on.

Van says HELLLLL NOO!!! And walks out.

In the parking lot, Jayde meets up with Van.  She offers again. We find out Van and her use to escort but Van always got the uglier dude.

With a blunt, Jayde finally convinces Van.  Story on my life, a blunt will always fuck you up lol.

Morning comes and Van is tohh down.  She wakes up to a text for a drug test.

insert gif

Jayde says she will help Van, but has no experience and the girl fails.


Earn comes in on Van and immediately starts throwing darts. Earn knows that Jayde is hoe?  Does he know Van is too?

Van wants Al/Paperboi’s number.

Lol homegirl tries to google and gets to howto.com or wikihow, which is shit most of the time, to figure out how to pass drug test.

We have paprrboi smoking and Van calls for tips.  Btw: I know those apartments and what is Al doing with that plastic bag.

Lol they are going to use a condom to pass a test and ole girl gonna get all her daughter’s pee and squeeze the pee out.

Then trapqueen cooks and does equations to get the pee right.

Ohhhh…and she is a teacher or admin.

So she goes to pee and  she pops the condom of pee.

Lol she confesses to her boss that she smokes weed.  The boss is like we all smoke.  We just don’t confess to it to our bosses or on social media dummie lol.

She gets fired.

Al texts to see how it goes.  Van lies and asks for some.  Al is like he don’t sell and tells her to stop being stupid, the gubment watching usses.

So she just monitor In school suspension??

Why is that boi in white face?  Symbolism?


I love how this show focuses on all the characters and not just Earn.  Not much to discuss but don’t live the lifestyle associated with a life you no longer live.