Atlanta Season 1 Episode 9 Juneteenth

Was this a major dig at Boyce Watkins bourgeoise elites?

Atlanta never fails.  

This entire episode was social climbing 101.  Van lost her job and is trying to “network” her way back to employment, which is something I can not knock.  Van is the breadwinner.  But because of the way the bourgeoisie elite is set up, single or breadwinning women not allowed in the club.  As much as they try to “combat” the white supremacist system, they sure love to imitate and mimic that same system regarding gender roles and family.

This makes Van convince Earn to act like some big shot.  But everything that is fake breaks under pressure.  This is what they learned that night.  Because when they had enough of Craig’s and Monique’s bullshit, Earn went off in a way Troy Barnes would be proud of.  In fact, I felt it was high time he actually stood up for SOMETHING.  

What else we learned is that the bar doesn’t serve everyone.  I think this entire premise of the show represents the behavior of the elites regarding black social movements.  When Craig is reciting some poem I have heard but cannot remember, Earn finds out that the bar serves drinks that were not on the menu that they forced him to choose from earlier.  Mind you all the drinks had names based on Juneteenth (Tulsa Massacre and Emancipation Proclamation). That is something that is very important.

Why is that and what does that mean? Black people are always offered this holiday in celebration of the black wealth obtained and remembrance of how white supremacy took that wealth away. However, the Tulsa Massacre isn’t the only time or event that describes that situation.  There were many instances here in Atlanta regarding this matter.  For example, look up the publication Harold and black business owners.  Even beyond that there were and are many examples of black financial oppression as a result of white supremacy HERE IN ATLANTA. So why don’t we ever acknowledge or discuss that?  At least amongst the common black folks.

But again, the bar is only serving what’s on the list if you aren’t apart of the club.

The last thing I want to discuss is the conversation between Van and Monique.  Monique is the epitome of what it means to be a social climber.  Not only did she marry a man who could provide and enrich her bank account, she married a man who she can get on board to support black issues that are of interest to her. 

Then you have to ask a question about Craig.  Would he care about all this black stuff if he wasn’t fucking a black woman?  My answer is who cares.  He has money and that’s how you survive in this world.  Monique doesn’t even love the dude.  But Monique like her money.  And I can’t knock her.  She is living her truth.

I like Craig, but I love my Money – Monique

But Van did read the shit out of her.  Who can Monique talk to at the end if the day?  When the Bible says the root of all evil is money, I think we should take heed.  There is no worse evil than loneliness amongst others.  In fact, the true understanding of Hell is isolation and separation of not just the higher power, if you believe, but everyone.  But get it like you live it I guess.

BTW: Was Van reading my mind? Because I would have been gripping Lil Earn from the drive out the gate.

What do you think?  

Is Monique right? 

Are you proud of Earn?