Bill Cosby Sexual Offense Case Deemed a Mistrial by Judge

On June 17, 2017, a sexual offense case where an Andrea Constrand accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault in 2004 was considered a mistrial after 53 hours of Jury deliberation.  The judge was told by the jury that they could not come up with a verdict beyond a reasonable doubt on June 15, 2017.  The judge advised the jury to deliberate further.  After two more days of deliberation and a total of 12 questions from the jury, one being, “What is reasonable doubt?”, Judge O’Neil deemed the case a mistrial.

Gloria Allred, the lawyer for Constrand, said that the fight is not over.  As we know, a mistrial just means that another trial is to be set in motion.  Bill Cosby’s publicist Andrew Wyatt stated, “Mr. Cosby’s power is back. It’s back. He has been restored.”

Now social media is ablaze with many comparisons to the recent VERDICT regarding Philando Castile.

My Opinion:

I do not know if Bill Cosby drugged and RAPED those women.  I do not fully understand the culture back when Quaaludes, like Molly today, was the drug of choice.  What I do know is that no matter what, drugs/alcohol reduces ones ability to make proper choices and that includes the choice to consent.  This creates a gray area regarding what is rape.  With this, I also know that drugging/spiking someone without their knowledge and then fucking them is rape!

And this is what many of Cosby’s accusers are saying that he did to them.  And that is rape.  And if he did that, then he is a rapist.  However, because a lot of these accusers are coming out years after a rape kit, which should always be done immediately, could’ve been done.  With this, the police could’ve started an investigation.  However, as it stands there is little proof to back up their claims.

As well, a lot of these claims are coming from white women, who have traditionally falsely accused black men of rape or other sexual offenses for numerous reasons. One reason was for their men to gain better access to markets that blacks were starting to saturate.  Another was to use as an excuse when caught with a darkie in bed.  So when people say that there could very well be a conspiracy regarding the Bill Cosby accusations, then it is quite believable because white women still cry wolf as it pertains to black men. There is still a common fear of the black brute as defined in the original, “Birth of a Nation”.  And the Bill Cosby controversy shines light on that fear and reinforces it.  Because whether or not Cosby is found innocent one million times, public opinion has already found him guilty.

And yes, it is because Cosby is a black man!

Donald Trump admitted to sexually assaulting women and was elected PRESIDENT of the United States.  As well, one of the first trials Trump was in after he was first elected was a child rape case.  Nonetheless, that withered away.  But if all of this was going on with President Obama, then he would’ve been impeached and imprisoned.

Bill Cosby was accused by many women and there is little evidence to show for it except for hearsay.  His TV shows were removed from syndication, his children’s books and shows were discontinued, and he had his public image destroyed.

Do you see the difference in how each person was handled?

But beyond that, if someone says that someone raped them or violated them, then it should always fall on open ears.  Whether a woman says that a man raped her or if a man says that man rape him.  Whether if a woman says that a woman raped her or if a man says that woman raped him.  Whether if they are a child, an adult, a geriatric, or whatever. Whether they identify as male, female, ferm, merm, or herm.  Whether they are man, women, non-binary, both, or some other gender.  Whether they are Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or any other race.  Whether they are in jail, a terrorist, or a murderer .  Every person has a right to not have their body violated sexually.

This means that we have to listen to those 60+ women, a majority of whom are white.  Just because they are accusing a black man doesn’t mean that their accusations aren’t valid.  Even if it is Bill Cosby, who was considered the father of America.  They have a right to have their stories told and their experiences shared.

Our justice system is there to provide justice when it can.  However, our justice system is based on EMPIRICAL evidence.  Meaning that there have to be others capable of corroborate a story being told and evidence, oftentimes DNA based when pertaining to rape cases, to be shared.  For the cases regarding Bill Cosby, there is little to none of that.  It doesn’t mean that he didn’t do it, it just means that we don’t know.


And because of that, he is innocent in the eyes of the justice system here in America.  Whether you think he did it or not is up to your own opinion.

For me, and always for me, I don’t know until there is evidence to prove otherwise.

Final Note:

STOP comparing the Philando Castile verdict to the Bill Cosby Mistrial.

A. These are two different outcomes. A verdict can NOT be undone.  However, a mistrial just means that another trial has be done to create a verdict.

B. There is actual video of Castile being murdered by Jeronimo Yanez.  There is no evidence outside of hearsay regarding the Bill Cosby case.

C. Justice can not be served for Castile and his family going forward.  While justice, if Cosby is found guilty, could be served for Castrand.

Fuck you all for comparing the two.  Half of the people comparing the two cases didn’t even say shit yesterday when the case was announced.

cmortalx signing out