Black Male Privilege Does Exists

I have been reading a lot of posts and comments in regards to blogs, posts, and videos about black Male Privilege.  I have read some interesting mess about the discussion. I think that it is crazy that we are even arguing that black Male Privilege doesn’t exist.  I know that black men at least understand it, but we sometimes just become very defensive.  

While Black Male Privilege may not exist amongst other race groups, it does exist within the black community.  The power dynamics are not simple and that is why black feminism exists.  Intersectionality, which is a black feminist idea, has done the best job explaining the power dynamics.  It has saved lives, including mines.

Black Male Privilege is not anyone blaming black men for being evil or monstrous, but just acknowledging the powers that be within the community.  Now that we are acknowledging it, we want to see what we can do to remove the toxicity that it causes.  So can we stop being so defensive about the topic?  Take it from a working misogynist.  We can always be better.

We gonna be alright.

Update (10/30/2016):

So apparently some people are not happy with me just discussing this topic with no receipts or examples how BLACK Male Privilege exists.  So here.

Black men make 75% of the white man’s income oppose to the 64% black women make.

Black women outnumber white men and black men in voting, yet they are heavily underrepresented in political office oppose to their male counterparts, which have the exact opposite results for black men.  This counts in economics and sex right laws.

Violent crimes are more than likely to occur to a black person from another black person.  But the criminalization of those offenders are definitely higher amingst black women than other groups.  But that has a lot to say more about racism than anything else. As well, black women were reported as being more likely to not report violent crimes, like domestic violence, than other groups.  
Why Black Women Struggle More With Domestic Violence
You happy.  See the black male Privilege?

In regards to the prison industrial complex:

With the prison industrial complex, which is something I would not bring into the discussion (not because it is irrelevant, but because it is something we all know), 1/6 if black men get incarcerated oppose to the 1/100 of the black women in our community. And we have to ask ourselves why?  Well, men in general commit more crimes than women.  This is true amongst black people.  

With that fact, we find that black women make up a majority of female prisons.  They commit about the same amount of crimes as other women to my understanding, but are still over incarcerated, just like black men.

Black women are an important apart of the prison industrial complex, yet they do not commit as many crimes as their non black counter parts, but are incarcerated the most.

Black women have to deal with that while dealing with the fact that a large percentage of their men are absent from the community, if we are to follow a heteronormative narrative.  This takes money out these communities and households, being that black men make a majority of the income that comes into black communities.  

The fact that black women have to worry about black men surviving for tgeir own survival shows that black men have Privilege because it doesn’t work the other way around in the heteronormative narrative we often deal with.