Cleo Manago Debates Dr. Umar Johnson on Homosexuality [Video]

These are some long behind videos, but I love the dialogue that these two had.

If you clicked on this blog post you probably know about Dr. Umar Johnson, who is a Pan-African liberation movement leader.  His books and speeches have impacted many with his ideology surrounding active and destructive white supremacy and how to fight it.  

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However, with this great ideology, comes a great homophobia.  Dr. Johnson damns homosexuality in the black community as white perverted sex and considers homosexuals to be white sexual predators along the lines of what Irrigated Genie also says about homosexuality.

This is my first video I ever saw of Dr. Johnson:

And I get his logic, but as a black gay man, I have to disagree.

The same goes for Cleo Manago, who also disagrees with Dr. Johnson’s notions in homosexuality.  Cleo Manago is a less known Pan-African Libertion Movement leader.  He identifies as Same Gender Loving, which allows a person to identify as homosexual without sympathizing with the LGBTQUIAP community based on similar reasons that those like Dr. Johnson oppose it.

Cleo Manago works heavily with the UHURU movement.  They are an inclusive Pan-African Liberation community action group.  They are very active in social media.  

The UHURU Movement’s Facebook page: 

The UHURU Movement’s website:

Manago is extremely profound and adds to the discussion regarding globalized racism and his debating points on homosexual behavior among African people are courageous, well thought out, and backed up. 

Manago’s Facebook page:

With all that, this entire debate went left.  I think that as the host, Manago was being shady and undercutting with Dr. Johnson.  However, Dr. Johnson is quick to anger and does not respond positively to criticism of any kind or people making legitimate points that do not coincide with his own views.  The callers made it no better.  A majority of them were homophobic and were making personal attacks on Manago.  And if Manago had an implant caller, I don’t really blame him.

But this 2 part debate was pretty damn awesome.

What do you think?