Donald Trump MAY Win The Election

A wall, the blacks, thugs, and the trickle down effect bribed millions of Americans.  

This will go down as the defeat for America.  After eight years of a presidency that determined that America can recover from anything, we now have a man who has been determined to offend every minority and cause an uproar in racist bigots. This is a man who will will incite hatred across the world.

Nonetheless, no matter who is in office, it is the people who run the country.  I hope that we never lose that.  I hope that democracy remains. No matter how superficial it may seem.

The best part is that due to several cases that are coming up, Trump may get impeached and Pence, who is a better candidate, may get into office. 

My word, Pence is the  better candidate.

But nonetheless, I am not surprised at all by the racists and bigots outnumbering those who have common sense and decency in America.

Welcome to the world baby!!!

It’s still a sad day in America.

Let’s see if we can make an impact in the midterm elections.

And to the people who voted for him.  You redneck racist cowards, know that this is NOT YOUR PRESIDENT.  

Know that the business deal he cut with y’all ignorant asses doesn’t mean anything.  This man is a damn Democrat at heart.  Clap now at your own fucking demise. At least we know who you are now.