Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death

Dylann Roof is Sentenced to Death by Peers

Dylann Roof was given a death sentence by a jury of his peers.  It is still only a recommendation, but will more than likely occur (Schuppe, 2017).  Roof was already convicted on all 33 counts of hate crimes against minorities for 2015 Charleston, NC church shooting. But now he will pay the ultimate price for his actions.  I wish I could type this post and put in statements like, “…a life is a life and the death penalty is wrong.” But I can not honestly do that.

Dylann Roof: My Honest Opinion

In my opinion, the bastard deserves to die.  He is a filthy scumbag who took the lives of those who were not representative of the type of black people he hated.  He, like those 4 black teenagers in Chicago, targeted the weak.  And there is nothing honorable about that.  Whether what he felt was legitimate, WHICH IT WASN’T, or not, he is a coward, and death is too good for him.

We did not see one ounce of remorse from this worm.  Not one ounce!  He stood up there after the sentencing and basically said that he didn’t care.  And I get it.  He is the purest form and product of white supremacy and the rhetoric that comes from it.  This is what happens when white supremacy in this country goes unchecked.

This is what happens when you allow the KKK to not just exist as an active hate group, but allow them to march in front of City Hall.  This is what happens when America does not hold police officers responsible for murdering black people.  This is what happens when black people can be killed, maimed, and tortured by their peers and there is no retribution or apology.  This is AMERICA.  This boy is the perfect representation of America as it relates to the treatment of black and brown people across the world.

Dylann Roof is truly the purest and shiniest light for the worse of American values.  The biggest issue I think America has with him is his inability to even ACT like he is sorry.  He is an archetype in white supremacist eyes and that is why he is going out to pasture.  It is not because America hates HATE, but because America no longer needs Dylann Roof’s to reinforce white supremacy.

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