Eddie Long, Bishop of New Birth, has Died

Eddie Long, Bishop of New Birth, has died at the age of 63 as reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution January 15, 2017 at 10:07AM.  It is reported from his church, that he died from an agressive form of cancer (Eldridge & Tagami, 2017).

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Eddie Long’s Death, Victim Blaming, & White Knighting 


Eddie Long’s Sex Scandal

While many on social media are now and will speculate the actual causes of Eddie Long’s death, more will remember the scandal where many young men, who were mentored by Eddie Long, accused him of being sexually appropriate with them and coaching them into sexual acts over a period of years.

The Bishop settled out of the cases with the young men for an undisclosed amount.

He addresses it in a sermon here.

Eddie Long’s Health Scare

In more recent years, especially in the last year or so, we have been questioning the health of Bishop Long after noticing a drastic lost in weight.

However, he addressed it in a video where he lied about it being veganism.

Following that, his church stated that he had cancer, while many thought he contracted HIV and had AIDS.

However, the rumors of HIV/AIDS may have been confirmed by Pastor and Prophetess Kim Burrell.

In one of the videos we’ve seen from Long, he stated that he was healed by God.

Well as we know now, he is indeed dead due to the cancer he alleged God healed him from.

cmortalx Opinion

As Prophetess and Pastor Kim Burrell said, you can not play with God or whomever in their house.  Kim Burrell said that in 2017, that if you were gay and still functioned in the church that you would die and dammit didn’t it just happen.  This is why I don’t go to church or play with people lives, which many accused Eddie Long of doing.  I rather just do me and be me and let others judge how they may.

I rather have a slew of men judge me and cut me down than any higher power.  I make it know that I am gay and that I am not really a Christian. I leave no room for unnecessary interpretation.  While I believe in Yah as a translation of the higher powers or power, I don’t think he is the all and all like those Europeans said.

With all that being stated, this has me looking at Kim Burrell with a new light and the ministry in a different way.  The stuff might be more real than I thought.

 Play with it if you want to.

– Kim Burrell

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