Empire Season 3 Episode 1 Light in Darkness Review

So Rhonda lost the War against Hakeems step mama/baby mama and fell to her death.

HAKEEMS step mama/baby mama goes into labor after Andre chokes the shit outta her.  During labor Cookie smothers Andre and Lucious threatens Hakeems step mama/baby mama. Them it comes out that the baby is a girl.


Lucious come into the 21st century my dude, girls can be heirs and powerful business women.  What kind of non-sense misogynystic bullshit you pulling?

So there is Soprano-esque  card game with Lucious, Birdman, French Montana and Dreadhead.  But the scene didn’t make no sense outside of explain Lucious’s expansion plans

Then there was a meeting without Andre, and Lucious is a little bit more crazy this season.  Hakeem confronts lucious by putting name on birth certificate of Hakeems and his Step Mommas baby.

“Ain’t no brooms around here.  What you gonna beat me with?”

Trust there are some beatings that life gives that I would gladly take a broom for!!!!

Cookie protects Jamal for not wanting to sing at his Step momma and Lucious’s marriage and lets Lucious know that he lost her….

So Hakeem is recording and gets his engineer ass kicked by XZIBIT/Shine because he wants him to join his team.

Vivica A Fox, Tasha and Cookie all sit and remember of the old days.  They keep bringing up Tariq and how he got them to snitch and Cookie escorts them out and speak of the devil, Tariq is at the door.  I am with Tasha and Vivica, why is she so damn loyal to Lucious?!

So Cookie and Lusious high tells it to the hospital because Tariq threatened to prove the marriage betwen Lucious and Anika is fake.  However, Boo Boo Kitty makes a great escape before they get there and she goes to the Palacia de Leon.

And Grandmama Lion let Anika know that she’s sees a snake and don’t come into her Kitchen while she is cooking!!!

Tariq is offered food at his stake out, and you damn right he refused it. LOL

So did Lucious get Anika to the Palacia de Leon before Tariq could get to her?

XZIBIT/Shine wants Nessa to get signed with the empire and Lucious offers a feature.  Shine wants Nessa on a song with Jamal at the app release party and Lucious approves, but states the he won’t turn the mic on.

So we have Shine with Hakeem and got him Gangsta Rapping and he delivers kinda….scary and I’ve never been more attracted to him.

Lucious and Cookie prep the house for sharade to prove that Lucious and Anika are truly married.

a Whoever, Nessa is, she sings amazing!!!!!!  I love Jamal’s chest and head notes!!!!!  Jamal sings Black Lives Matter tribute regarding Freda/Fantasia Loaf lol.  Jamal has been working out.

Cookie warns Jamal about the song choice and how it could be a probable cause for war between him and Lucious.

Lucious emasculates Hakeem right in front of his Step mama/baby mama and the baby.

So we continue onto the charade and who taught Tariq his table manners.

New word: GAUCHE

a :  lacking social experience or grace; also :  not tactful :  crude <it would be gauche to mention the subject> b :  crudely made or done <a gauche turn of phrase>

Tariq puts the heat on the family and wants them to collapse and once Cookie gives him a bait, she pulls the rest of the family in.  Cookie got the queen seat for a reason and Hannibal Lectur destroys Tariq.

You wanna to go plate?

So the festival begins and I think Jamal has PTSD from the flashes of light and he continues to sings the song that he practiced.  Then the image of Freda comes out and yep, he’s triggered and he is escorted by Hakeem.  He continues to hyperventilate and Nessa sings and she sings the house down.  And that outfit is everything.

Cookie slapped the shit outta Jamal.  BLACK MOMMA MOVE!!!

As always, Lucious sees mental illness as weakness and dismisses Jamal.

Jamal still defends Freda and confront Lucious of his crack head 80’s CEO snake way of leadership.

Everyone in that room needed love!!!

Talking about love, we get a throwback to when Lucious starts talking about him and Cookie first met.  And did she go to a private school?!

Cookie says let dead dogs lie and that’s the damn past.

Cookie wants to leave the situation and I am with her.  You need Iyanla Vanzant. But she does the damn thing and set up boundaries like everyone should.  Let’s keep it business so I don’t get hurt by your bullshit.

Then we go to Andre having a meltdown and he shouldn’t be alone  and the demon/ghost of Rhonda comes from the pit of hell to haunt Andre and he goes into full meltdown.  Jamal catches him in meltdown.  My question is where is Jhud when you need her.

It comes out that Tariq bugged the house using cameras.

This was a busy ass episode and I LOVE IT!!!

How do you like it so far?


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