Evanescence Live Nation was Everything

Evanescence was streaming tonight on Live Nation and I loved it.

I think they debuted two new songs.  The first song was dedicated to the people, Ben Moody *ahem*, who tried to break this band up.  But the second song came after the encore and it sounded like the title might just be “Animals”.😍😍😍😍

I love the new direction this band is going.  I love the new female vocalist/guitarist.  It was way overdue.  

Now only two people in the industry can me cry outside of Donna Summer and that is Amy Lee and Beyonce. Yes.

That combo attack on my feels with ‘Breathe No More’ and ‘Immortal’ had me choking up big time.  Had Beyonce come on stage and song “Sandcastle” I would be have been through.

It just brought back so much feels man.  I love this band to my heart.
So did you watch it? How did you like it?

Let me know

Also check out ‘Recover’ from Amy Lee.


And ‘Dream Too Much’.